August 19, 2017

Esthetician Salary- How Much Does An Esthetician Make?

The field of esthetic is a very rewarding career for you to consider as it has a good range to choose from. If you have set your mind on the career path of being a licensed esthetician, you will need to complete an intensive program and pass all the hands-on and written exams required to have a license. To start off with after you have decided to take this career path, you need to look into a school program. It is also extremely important to know how much is the esthetician salary information before you complete your education. As this will allow you to get the best possible jump-start to your profession.

If we compare the rise in the demand of estheticians in the coming years, it is equal to a growth rate of about 38 percent according to statistics. This growth rate is way above the average increase of other careers. With this continuous rise in the demand of estheticians, surely there will be more job possibilities for individuals who want to be in an esthetician career.

Esthetician career require prescribed education and provide marvelous career prospects for individuals who complete the coursework. Job opportunities can easily be identified whether healthy lifestyles and skin are promoted, such as vacation resorts, cruise ships, spas, health clubs, hospitals and medical offices such as cosmetic surgeons and dermatology clinics.

Where Do Esthetician Work?

The reality of the world today is that many people are damaging their skin without even knowing that they are doing it. The food we eat as well as our lifestyle and daily activities will somehow affect the condition of our skin. The esthetician’s job is to counter all the harmful elements that their client has been exposed to and help their skin recover and become healthy again.

• Esthetic careers can be found in many areas and the money you can earn depends on your education, learning, and expertise. But regardless of where you work, you will find entry level work and then obtain knowledge and experience that will make it possible for you to climb the career ladder of this profession.

• Most estheticians work in day spas, salons, and resorts. Some may choose to become entrepreneurs and start a private practice. Some however, choose to independently set up their practice or lease a professional space in a specially designed and equipped room within their home. Others may also choose to work in the area of medical esthetic. Medical esthetician typically work in the offices, medical spas, hospitals, or clinic of cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist.

Esthetician Salary- How Much Does An Esthetician Make?

• The best job opportunities for beauty professionals like estheticians are in the upscale salons in affluent areas. But the competition is fierce for these jobs. Many people start out working in the bargain salons and after many years of experience, especially if they have a diverse range of skills, they may be able to move into the more upscale places.

Although the profession of esthetics is non-medical in nature, they still hold an important position not only in the health and beauty industries but also with their clients. With the right skills and knowledge necessary to make people feel great and more confident about how they look.

Esthetician Salary Guide

If you are thinking of having a career as an esthetician then you must also need to know everything about how much salary you will be receiving. Your salary will depend on the type of services offered, geographic location, clientele income, your work experience, your employer, and many other factors.

As an entry level esthetician, you will likely start out low and then gradually work your way up to a higher salary. You will have much better chance of making more money if you work for a highly respected salon, medical offices or spa.
According to government report, esthetician can make between $15,000- $75,000 annually depending on an array of things which can include but is not limited to your level of experience. But in general, an esthetician can expect a salary around $27,000. But this number can be boosted if an esthetician is good at their work.

An esthetician salary for an hourly employee can slightly vary from someone who is self-employed. This is because when you are working for another company, your earnings scale is generally less than someone who is doing for themselves. Anyhow, the average esthetician salary for someone who is a per hour is about $11 per hour but for the better ones, about $20 hourly.

An esthetician salary might not always be high, but there are going to be a number of job opportunities in this career in the coming years. There are lots of opportunities and unlimited possibilities to excel if you are just good at what you are doing.