August 19, 2017

Forensic Anthropology Schools and the World of Crime Investigation

In the world of crime scene investigation, law enforcement has found a use for many of the world’s advanced sciences to help solve cases, especially dealing with murder. In fact, the use of these sciences has become such a major and very important part of crime investigation that majority of a case’s success stem from the application of it, particularly forensic science where spectrums of sciences are used to answer questions of a legal nature. And one of those spectrums is a science called Forensic Anthropology.

Anthropology is a vast field of science that deals with two different areas. The first area is that anthropology which deals with the cultural perceptions, development, origin, beliefs, social customs and characteristics of humankind. This area of anthropology is called cultural anthropology. The second area of anthropology is a science that deal with the study the similarities and divergence of humans to animals. This anthropology is called physical anthropology. So, while the former form of anthropology may not have much connection to the law, the application of physical anthropology is another story, and has been recognized as a form of forensics expertise for a long time now.

The best forensic anthropology schools have cutting edge labs

The best schools have cutting edge labs

This is useful in the legal system in a way that its form of science will be able to help law enforcers not only identify a victim whose remains are decomposed, burned and mutilated beyond recognition, but also help find the necessary evidence that may be able to create a link between the victim of the crime and the suspect. There are schools that cater to the learning and training of people who wish to become experts in this field that can acquire degrees to take where they are trained to help solve crimes through bones.

A large part of the curricula for forensic anthropology degrees they have to deal with human osteology, which is a study that deals with the human skeleton as the human bones play a critical role in forensic investigations. A graduate of any of these types of schools will find that they will be taught a great deal of topics in relation to the human bones. This is due to the fact that most remains of victims in crime scenes are already in the advanced process of decomposition.

The Career Field

A forensic anthropology graduate starts off as professors in forensic science schools, but more often than not, most of these professors also double as consultantsthat help law enforcement agencies solve crime scene cases. However, it is no longer limited to working with the government these days; they also have their opportunities open in private firms, law firms, and archaeology and even in investigation bureaus.

Forensic Anthropology Schools

Listed below are some schools that offer the appropriate forensic science degree programs across the world:

• Boston University School of Medicine
• Forensic Anthropology Center, The University of Tennessee Knoxville
• University of New Mexico Department of Anthropology
• Wichita State University Anthropology
• University of California, Santa Cruz Anthropology
• The University of Montana – Missoula
• Adelphi University Department of Anthropology
• Bournemouth University, UK
• University of Central Lancashire Department of Forensic and Investigative Science
• Dundee University, Scotland, UK MSc in Human identification