August 19, 2017

How to Get the Best Esthetician Salary – Step by Step

An esthetician is also known popularly as a skin care specialist or therapist, though there is often much more that goes along with the job than just skin care. These specialists work with their clients to improve appearance overall, helping them with various techniques as well as schooling them in which products they should be using to deal with whatever problems they may have. Being an esthetician can be a great way to do something that one enjoys while helping people, as well as a great opportunity to open a business. Understanding the requirements of the job as well as the average esthetician salary one might expect is important before beginning in this field.

What Esthetician Jobs Entail

A typical esthetician may find themselves working someplace like a salon or spa, or at a resort or hotel, providing skin care services for either a regular or an irregular clientele. Some of the duties that almost all those in this career should expect to do are:

• Facials – Cleaning pores, improving skin tone.
• Chemical Peels – Reducing fine lines and age spots.
• Waxing – Facial hair removal.
• Advising – Helping clients deal with their skin care needs.
• Being Knowledgeable – Knowing all about the latest and the best products and treatment options.
• Cleaning – Using a variety of techniques and procedures to perform general skin cleaning.

While many may never seek to expand beyond these basic services, most find it beneficial to learn other skills which compliment their esthetician career choice which in turn improves their chances of developing a strong clientele and having a higher salary potential. Some other popular services provided by skill estheticians include:

How to get the best esthetician salary - step by step• Manicures, pedicures, and other nail services.
• Hair cutting and/or styling.
• Body waxing.
• Massage therapy.
• Make-up application and/or advice.

Developing more than one additional skill can be especially important in getting a job in a spa-like environment where one may be expected to perform a wide variety of services for the business’s customers.

Education to Become an Esthetician

To start progressing towards entering this field, esthetician schools generally only require a high school diploma or equivalent. The number of hours of study required to get certificated vary from state-to-state, but a training course will usually encompass between 240 to 600 hours of classroom study and practical experience. After completing school, one must pass a written and a practical exam in order to become certified.

Many who attend an esthetician school may also wish to take courses related to running a business, including sales and marketing classes. One of the ways to earn a higher salary is to run one’s own business and these additional classes are essential to succeeding at that.

Understanding Salary Averages

Understanding salary averagesSalary reports in this field vary widely and depend on several factors. Where one chooses to operate, the amount of experience one has, whether one works for a company or independently and the size and quality of an esthetician’s clientele all have a direct effect on how much one can expect to earn. By far the most important of these is clientele, though this is often directly affected by the other factors.

The typical salary for those new to the job is around $27,000 to $30,000 annually. In smaller locations, those with little experience may find themselves making less than $8-an-hour, while those in major metropolitan areas with high demand will find their median wages closer to $20-an-hour. If working for a company, there may also be benefits to offset what may seem like low wages. Experienced estheticians can make up to $75,000 annually, as long as they have a strong clientele in a good location.

Some prefer to work in a doctor’s office, which has a higher average of around $40,000 annually. Others may enter into the specialty of being a medical esthetician, which commands an even higher wage, averaging around $33,000 for one who is new to the field. Those who seek to open their own business may see a lot more variance in how much they make and will find that their wages depend very heavily on how much work and time they are willing to put in. With all of the options available, a school often provides critical career information and esthetician salary data to help a new graduate make this important decision.

Esthetician Job Outlook

The job outlook is very promising for those looking to get into the skin care industry. A larger population means that more people are aging and require procedures to help with both essential and aesthetic skin problems. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an expected 38 percent growth in the field over the next ten years. Much of this is entry-level, as more experienced estheticians move on to higher paying jobs or start their own businesses.
There are also plenty of opportunities for trained estheticians to branch off into other fields. Just a few related jobs are:

• Teaching at a beauty college.
• Working for a make-up studio.
• Selling skin care products, either in specialty or general stores.
• Demonstrating skin care products for a company or manufacturer.
• Acting as a make-up artist for media such as television, movies or theater.

Whatever one seeks to do with their esthetician certification, the key to being successful and earning a high esthetician salary is in perseverance. The quality of one’s education and the willingness to continue that education by way of keeping up on new procedures, products and beauty techniques will promote a positive reputation and attract the steady clientele that one needs to be successful in the growing beauty industry.