August 19, 2017

The Basics Of Forensic Psychology Jobs

Forensic psychology has been presented in a very “interesting” light thanks to TV shows like CSI and Criminal Minds. Well, to be honest, CSI writers have admitted that most of the techniques used in the show are either decades away from actual usage or that they’re just making stuff up on the fly, while Criminal Minds does deal with psychology, but in a different way than forensic psychology. Forensic psychology jobs require immense concentration and attention to detail. Forensic psychology Read more [...]

So You Want To Be A Forensic Investigator?

Because of science, the world has been able to move forward and mankind has been able to improve their way of life. Science has enabled the human race to understand the world and what lay beyond it better as well as the different phenomena surrounding it. Today, we use science as a way to answer most everything. Because science has become such a broad concept, it has divided itself into different branches to accommodate all the complexities working in this world. One of the sciences that are widely Read more [...]

The Challenges of Hyperbaric Welding

A job in the the exciting field of hyperbaric welding is considered highly lucrative and highly paid in terms of underwater welding salary. An experienced professional in the area of welding underwater can reach the impressive level of a hyperbaric welding salary earning over $100,000. However, behind such a success you will find many hours spent learning about underwater welding, safety measures and in generally anything related to commercial diving. Learning About Hyperbaric Welding Many people Read more [...]

A Future in Underwater Welding

Underwater welding or wet welding is the process of welding underwater at advanced pressures. This specialized type of hyperbaric welding has been practiced since 1936 for the repair of ships and bridges. The increase in offshore platforms and pipelines has made wet welding a highly sought after skill and one that can pay over $100 per hour depending on the depth of the water. Meeting the requirements to be a wet welder takes study through schools that prepare you for scuba diving and welding. The Read more [...]

Financial Advisor Job Description- What Needs To Be Understood About It?

One of the most typical kinds of advisor is a financial advisor. A financial advisor is an individual who is entrusted with the responsibility of providing advice to their client in order to aid in the process of managing assets and investments. The financial advisor job description stated earlier clearly implies the fact that a financial advisor has a great responsibility towards delivering the best for their client. They have the responsibility of assessing the client's circumstances. A financial Read more [...]