August 19, 2017

Nurse Esthetician Career And Salary Information

Are you going to be a high school graduate soon? Do you have a decision already of what course you want to take in college? Then, why don’t you try to be a nurse esthetician? Esthetics is an inspiring career that can help many patients. If you are fond of assisting other people and you are willing to work in a medical setting, you can consider becoming an esthetician as a nurse someday.

This medical profession is the combination of a nurse’s duties together of with the duties for an esthetician. These professionals are working under a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. As a part of esthetician jobs, they can perform everything that a registered esthetician can perform as well as some things due to the medical training they have.

Medical Training and Medical Procedures

Medical training is very important most especially in dealing with some conditions or in administering some treatments. In this kind of field you may perform and also handle some procedures such as:

• Injectable fillers such as botox and restylane
• Hair removal using laser technology
• Tattoo removal using laser technology
• Sclerotherapy
• Mesotherapy
• Chemical peels and other procedures

If any side effects or even discomfort as a result of any procedure, you can give them advise about the proper action they can do. There are a lot of benefits from becoming a nurse esthetician and a plain nurse at the same time, as it includes many job opportunities. When you have the license to work as a nurse as well as esthetics, you will have the option to work at a medical field or in a beauty field and may be in medical spa that has both.

Nurse Esthetician Career And Salary InformationEither of these will give you the combination of lucrative careers that become one ideal job. The first thing to have is a lot of research as well as to figure out what is your chosen career path. Do you like to study nursing profession first, or nurse esthetician education first or you choose both at the same time?

You may have to ask a career or an educational advisor if you choose to be in this kind of profession. These persons may help you to make a plan of best map for success depending on your own situation as well as your goals. It is very necessary for you have to ensure that the school is properly accredited as it offers you what you have to.

Nurse Esthetician Salary Information

As a part of the education to be in this field, you have to complete the training program for medical aesthetics right after you get license. Training centers offers training on specialized aesthetic as a part of registered nurse esthetician training for those that like to be certified on advance dermatology. While about esthetician salary, these professionals gain more income in each year. A nurse esthetician gains $26,770 up to $39,245 annually for one up to four year experience, five up to nine years of work gains $30,000 up to $43,448 while those above this can have $35,422 up to $54,537 annually.